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Jul 13, 2012 3:00am PDT
of this scarp there are two twin towers of rock. if you get to a certain place on top of this very narrow butte, you can see between these twin towers and there happens to be a great house built between these two towers and every 18.6 years when the moon goes into its northernmost point on the horizon, it rises between those two towers. i was there at the beginning of the last 18.6 year cycle and we stood up there, probably 20 of us, researchers, forest service people, all gathered at the same spot with cameras and huddled -- it was late december at 8,000 feet and we were all watching this gap. and somebody had done very intricate work to figure out exactly where you need to stand to see the light at exactly the right time. and as we were all gathered up there, i remember this older archeo-astronomer said it's too bad this isn't celebrated any more. this is such a momentous occasion, the moon finally coming up between the gap and nobody celebrates it. i looked at him as we were all bundled together and thought, do you not notice all of us here pressed to the edge watching this one gap just to s
Jul 13, 2012 2:05am PDT
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Jul 12, 2012 7:00pm PDT
bridge and trying to get up over twin peeks. later on, it will get over twin peeks. sot forecast model for fog tomorrow morning, look at that push. right in the gap. you have fog pushing and beyond. you have fog through the san bruno gap. i don't know if it will get that far, but that's all you need to kill the spare the air day. that goes away tomorrow. the high fire danger goes down and temperatures trend down. then the afternoon you'll see that cool bite. that's the afternoon forecast high. temperatures in the bay area significantly cooler. you'll notice it tomorrow. the marine layer is stretching out. that helps air quality and cools things off. the marine layer doesn't say stretched out tomorrow, it stays stretched out for a few days. i think we'll see the marine layer into next week. it's deeper than average. inland temperature, i don't see that much heat coming our way. it will warm up on sunday. 77 in san mateo. five-day forecast, there it is. i warm it up on sunday. monday, it cools down into tuesday. >> thank you, bill. >>> a ground breaking bay area journalist receives spec
Jul 13, 2012 4:00am PDT
or conjoined twins. >>> and now for a look at your national and regional weather, here's nbc meteorologist bill karins with the weather channel forecast. that will haunt you all day. >> i'll speak for everyone that has just seen that video and say we all could have done without it. >> i totally disagree. i think it's freakishly adorable. >> when i go to bed tonight -- >> the other half who might be saying double the cuteness. >> the other half, the other 1% maybe? >> possibly .5%. >> friday the 13th video brought to you by lynn. good morning, everyone. timely i get to use my storm tracker radar in southern california of all polices. areas of heavy rain moving through locations that don't get a lot of wet weather this time of year. los angeles, you look like you're dry going south on i-5. we are getting some rain here. we have some lightening strikes by high land and yuka valley. interstate 40 if you're heading up towards vegas, you'll be dodging some storms. all the green showing rain. this is where some thunderstorms were. for the most part they were in the desert area. they may sneak up to th
Jul 13, 2012 2:00am PDT
's not sure if they're dealing with one cat or conjoined twins. i said kind of cute. bill, i don't know if you're sold on that. for the weather i say bill -- >> you say cute to freakishly adorable. are we flip-flopping here? >> we're starting this morning off rather quiet. temperatures are very warm. everyone is in the 70s for the most part across much of the country. we are watching 78 in san antonio, 76 in minneapolis. it's another mild july start to the day. we will see areas of rain today. we desperately need it. the new drought report came in yesterday. the drought continues to expand across the country and continues to get across from missouri to illinois to eindiana. this morning a soaking rain and a few storms and minneapolis. the humid air is going to be the story. it's been a very dry period. i'm sure you noticed it, very comfortable going outside from the great lakes to new england. that's going to come toed and as a humid air comes the east coast. with it rainfall chances. rain from lexington to charleston, west virginia. it's another dry day from the midwest, cleveland, detroit, b
Jul 13, 2012 5:00am PDT
for these artificial turf playing fields. if you survey the city from the top of twin peaks, what you see stretching out in every direction is an expanse of concrete road race -- roadways. ms. hartley a green patch to be seen. and i have been seeing that a lot of the agreement is not really a dream but artificial turf. how can we be a green city when we replace this with artificial turf? supervisors, please do not let this be your legacy to san francisco. how about this. how about leasing this out for corporate offices? why do we not lease out city hall? mr. ginsberg, why do you not share an office, and then we can activate your office? this must not only stop, it must be reversed. no fees at the arboretum. no outside milan suggestible, -- now outside festival. perhaps mr. ginsburg does not belong on rec and park. he is unclear on what a part is. president chiu: thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello. i live in district 9. i am a soccer mom, a teacher, and a runner. my son played the last season. this was at the last of the season. while everyone agreed that the field itself was not fantastic, an
Jul 13, 2012 4:30am EDT
neither. they're not sure if they're dealing with one cat or twins. double fun. >>> and now for a look at your national and regional weather, here's nbc meteorologist bill karins with the weather channel forecast. good morning to you, bill. >> good morning, lynn. >> it's freakish but it's cute. >> cute? double-faced isn't cute? >>> good morning. warm conditions to deal with. thankfully in areas of kentucky we're getting some rain and also into west virginia. they've also been very dry. even our friends out there in areas of utah and also nevada getting some welcomed rainfall. haven't had much out there either. we're dry this morning thankfully around houston. we've had enough the last two mornings. we will see more scattered showers and storms later today. >>> as far as the forecast goes, areas of the east coast are looking very warm today. areas like boston are going to be aushlgd 89 degrees. detroit and chicago right around 88 to 91. so there is a lot of warm air out there. that's not going to be an issue whatsoever. as far as forecast goes, as far as dallas and minneapolis, they'll
Jul 12, 2012 5:00pm PDT
city. [applause] all of us are probably walking with all of you. we will be looking up to the twin peaks and seeing the bright colors identifying this mark, remembering what it means, educating other generations. i have to admit, when i looked down on this hill, i also got other memories. we had to get the goats up here. i am still seeing these dotes on the hillside. where are they? [laughter] patrick, thank you again for all of the effort to clean this up. you see these busloads of visitors who are wondering what it is and they get educated on the meaning of our city. the other thing i want to say -- nancy pelosi has been such a wonderful leader triet -- leader. it has been through her efforts, following her, when the federal government was unable to provide the funds to have enough money for hiv, the state, all of her efforts, the budget was not there. we had a little bit of luck in san francisco. we followed their leadership and we made those cuts with the wonderful relationship of the mayor's office working with all of the members of the board of supervisors. that is how we wor
Jul 13, 2012 7:00am PDT
fire-baked bread. the twin rivers have already called for us a history. our poets have already explained to us the desert. by what right have you come? who have you have seen the rustic crane in the tree, no chimes but for its delicate wide beak, ushers an intemperate reprieve? 33 beads on a string, why pretend to know beyond the presence of click. thank you. please welcome gale sher >> the first one is why did she care? why did she care, she wondered, laying aside the book. a dim light could be seen possibly from a cabin reaching in not for the word, but for the space which a time. fat drops driven violently side ways. the man's mind into which she tossed herself becomes a bird. fly away, bird. fly south where you are needed. letters moved, she could barely make them out. the sky moved, hanging bluntly. a circle swayed toppled to the sea. to you, sea, i chant and to the one with ears, hearing you into me. this one is called, having eaten fish. having eaten fish, i open myself to make them more comfortable. i pet the fawn, twisting my calves. two fish leap, kiss, and die. fish,
Jul 12, 2012 11:00pm EDT
. these are so new they are pink. a pair of pandas, twins born early wednesday in china. mom is taking care of the first cub and researchers took the second to give it a check up. female cubs tip the scalessa the at just over five ounces, that's about the weight of a deck of cards. both of them are doing well tonight. >>> check this out. was it love at first site? this unlikely couple. a dolphin swims up to investigate. the kids from the dog. video -- posted on youtube. it has about 14 5,000 5,000 hit this is week movement if you are going to swim in illinois in the lake you can run into this. a fisherman caught the fish and thought it was a piranha. it's a fish that from the amazon. >>> great britain a report that two fisherman bled to death after this fish bit off their testicles. you all right? >> you know good news is they said that -- this fish won't live in the winter. he they will be gone president that's the good news. >>> the weather and the humidity, you don't like the humidity, well you aren't going to like this forecast. humid. we turn the temperature down. 88 degrees. chance
Jul 13, 2012 4:30am EDT
in the evening until 10:00. >>> you having trouble sleeping these days? >> always. >> always. >> twins, you know. >> yeah. and the schedule. >> well it may be what you ate actually before you turned out the lights. what foods to avoid before you go to bed. >> giving birth is a private moment for families, why many are now inviting a photographer into the delivery room. >> that's for
Jul 13, 2012 4:00am EDT
, two mouths and one throat. they're not sure if they're dealing with one cat or twins. cute? freakish? >>> and now for a look at your national and regional weather, here's nbc meteorologist bill karins with the weather channel forecast. what say yu you? >> eesh. i kind of feel bad for the cat. >> not quite the fuzzy feel good story. good morning, everyone. we're looking at a pretty warm forecast as we head right into the weekend. look at the temperatures this morning. this is a very mild morning. almost everyone is starting the morning in the 70s, so you can definitely leave the jacket at home and probably wear the t-shirt outside. 7 p to start your morning. same with dallas. one of the cooler spots, dallas. it's a very warm air mass that encircles the entire country. thankfully we're starting to see added moisture. the drought continues to spread across the country and continues to get worse in areas especially around arkansas and also around indiana and illinois. today we had some moisture that is creeping up. it's croce close to indiana but not quite. we're getting rain in kentucky
Jul 13, 2012 4:30am PDT
unbelievable dust pick up in less time. i love that book! can you believe the twin did it? ♪ [ female announcer ] swiffer. great clean in less time. or your money back. ♪ >> strike up the band on that road to london. not great news for the dream team. blake griffin will have surgery on his knee and the u.s. national team forward will be missing those olympic games. griffin returned to l.a. thursday for further evaluation after reporting discomfort following wednesday's practice in that same knee that bothered him in the playoffs. the clippers say he will require surgery but should be ready for training camp. team usa did look good against the dominican republic last night. >> people in paris toasting a law here in california. their happy restaurants have been forced to say good-bye. stepped up in a duck costume, gathered outside the u.s. embassy to toast that ban with a glass of california wine, may be a nice chardonnay. foie gras is produced by force feeding ducks and geese. >> we're happy that they are giving it up because we think it's a cruel, inhumane procedure. we're so happy. we're con
Jul 13, 2012 12:00pm CDT
in less time. i love that book! can you believe the twin did it? ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] swiffer. great clean in less time. or your money back. ♪ ♪ losses at j.p. morgan are greater than originally stated there will be shutting down the unit originally responsible for the loss ... the ceo says they fire the manager is responsible for the loss in its efforts to restore investor confidence ... confidence among american shoppers dropped in july to its lowest levels this year that's because of the weak job market ... insurers are trying to convince hospitals and doctors to cut back on induced births and c-section is which account for a third of all deliveries at night is louring reimbursements to hospitals for cesarean sections and rewarding hospitals that are encouraging natural childbirth signet is following suit ... a m seat is bringing the season premiere of breaking bad to the internet ... the network says dish subscribers could subscribe on- line said it won't miss the opening of the show ... there's a huge rally right now on wall street ... all on speculation of wh
Jul 13, 2012 4:55am EDT
. >> this is something you can do. go to the facebook fan page and let us know what you think. you had twins. >> i did. >> would you have allowed a photographer. >> i don't think i would have it's a c-section and i don't think they would have allowed it i didn't think about that. >> private moment leave it each their own. >> very good. >>> all right. stay with us. because at 5:00 hour is right now. >> no way. >>> now "good morning maryland." >> reporter: a dc police officer is in hot water after make an alleged threat against the first lady. what he is accused of saying that has him in big trouble. >> and a tarnished legacy at penn state after a report blast the school and football program for covering up a child sex abuse scandal. what the school board and trustees will face the public. >>> we have not heard the last of a proposed new casino at the national harbor or table games. when the governor could decide to call a special session on this issue. >> those stories straight ahead on this friday. it's friday the 13th. >> it is. >> good morning maryland you say that with dread. >> you supe
Jul 13, 2012 5:00pm EDT
of a special reunion today at the johns hopkins children center. her twin boys are so cute. received treatment at the neonatal intensive care unit. and today, they were among the children who went back to visit with those dedicated doctors, nurses and staff, who helped care for them during their most vulnerable first months of life. the hopkins nicku treats 600 little patients each and every year. and let me just guess. that is -- i gotta look. i gotta look. that's danny. >> that's danny. >> okay. very good. >>> process of elim neighination here. but they have their distinctive looks here. >> they're too big to hold together. >> they are. they are heavy little boys. and the staff down there is so wonderful, top to bottom. just amazing people. so thank you for everything. >> is it possible they're watching you now? >> possibly. >> but your do boys are doing well. because everyone always asks me about them, no matter where i go. >> they're huge. they're chunky. they jumped right back up. as my husband always says, they don't miss a meal. >> exactly. >> and wait until they start moving on their f
Jul 13, 2012 6:00pm EDT
. bernadette is part of a special reunion today at johns hopkins children center. her twin boys received treatment, special treatment, at the neonatal intensive care unit there. ask today, they were among the children who went back to thank the doctors and staff who helped care forever them during their most vulnerable first month. the hopkins nicku treats 600 tiny patients every year. and you can tell by the smiles on the families' faces how wonderful they do. >> and the kid the look like they're doing great. >> they are doing great. >>> that's it for us tonight. we'll be back at 11:00. >> i'm denise koch. thanks for watching wjz, maryland's news station. don't go away. much manufacture ahead on the cbs evening news with scott pelley. including outsourcing at bane capital. did it happen? we take you ,, >> mason: tonight, mitt romney under fire. wyatt andrews looks at the role romney played at bain capital and the outsourcing of jobs. jan crawford talks to the candidate. >> doesn't the buck stop with you? >> mason: and the c.e.o. of patrice bergeron written financial is arrested in a sch
Jul 13, 2012 12:00pm EDT
of upside? >> i'm talking about 2013, 2014 and 2015. >> i've got the twin towers over there and it's for petey. a name that we've talked about over the last couple of years has been joy global. if caterpillar's going to go out and buy a bucyrus, why wouldn't that would the second half play just on the m&a potential alone? >> joe, quite frankly, i don't disagree with you at all. i think there are plenty reasons why you want to have some interest right now in multiple names. and i look across this industry. as we've seen this consolidation, obviously it gets even more interesting at some of these price levels but it's all about right now, everybody's reacting to global stoishgs china story, overreacting but that does have to take time to unwind. >> nice inadvertent segway mentioning china. that goes right to our next story. posting a 7.6% gdp print is something most countries would love to have, unless your china. that means the chinese economy has slowed to a three-year low, raising questions about what the government will do to stop the bleeding. stephen roach is a former executive
Jul 13, 2012 6:00am PDT
with daisy fuentes, i was calling us the f-u twins, and they didn't like that. [ laughter ] >> all right. we'll be right back with the giant apparatus on the "stephanie miller show." ♪ [♪ theme music ♪] >>> uh-huh. welcome to hour number three current tv land. erica ferrari john fugelsang is in a different new york location. i don't know why that is but i'm going to have him take you to lunch or something. [ laughter ] >> so what is the latest coming out on all of this romney stuff will he be forced to release his tax returns? >> i think he'll have to come up with something pretty soon. all of the reports are very sketchy and contradict each other. >> it looks more and more suspicious. even the minutes of the bain capital meetings, if he just released those. and said i wasn't involved. right? >> right. but how could you have to much money that it is in a blind trust, but not know where it is. >> erica, i have that much in my couch, i think. who even knows. very good point, erica ferrari in the current news center and erica thank you for filling in for jacki this
Jul 13, 2012 2:00pm PDT
before. her disney twin transitions from ladylike to the wild ways of her husband. jane porter from starzan. >>> charlie rangel from new york. the light of his life. give it up for cogs worth from beauty and the beast. lastly, ron paul, his disney doppelganger is anything but fun-loving. he held in the church bell tower after being cast with raising him. it's claude frollo from the hunchback of notre dame. that one takes the cake. >>> up next, president obama says he needs to do a better job selling what he's done. telling the american people a story that helps us understand where he's leading us. that's ahead. this is "hardball." the place for politics. matters. pioneers in outsourcing us jobs supports tax breaks overseas. insourcing. industry and favors bring jobs home. it matters. i'm barack obama, and i approved this message. i'm barack obama, and i approved this message. this is new york state. we built the first railway, the first trade route to the west, the greatest empires. then, some said, we lost our edge. well today, there's a new new york state. one that's working to at
Jul 13, 2012 4:00pm PDT
and it's a done deal. then there's sarah palin. we've seen this snapshot before. her disney twin transitions from ladylike to the wild ways of her husband when they get married. jane porter from tarzan. i guess we could say they both went rogue. next it's charlie rangel, democrat from new york. hint, his best frebt is literally the light of his life. give it up for cogs worth from beauty and the beast. best buddy to lumiere. lastly, ron paul, his disney doppelganger is anything but fun-loving. he hid the main character in a church bell tower for years after being tasked with raising him. it's claude frollo from the hunchback of notre dame. that one takes the cake. >>> up next, president obama says he needs to do a better job selling what he's done. telling the american people a story that helps us understand where he's leading us. that's ahead. this is "hardball." the place for politics. according to ford, the works fuel saver package could literally pay for itself. jim twitchel is this true? yes it's true. how is this possible? proper tire inflation, by using proper grades of oi
Jul 13, 2012 1:00pm PDT
announced she's leaving "american idol." she told ryan seacrest that as her twins get older, something had to give. and that something was "american idol." her announcement comes a day after steven tyler announced his departure. the last judge left, randy jackson, is rumored to be on his way out as well. wolf, might be calling for you. >> i was just going to say, kate, you know, you got the demos, you're ready for that kind of moving up. from "the situation room" to "american idol," what do you think? >> i would be hard pressed to critique them, but i'd be the supportive judge, i guess. >> you did tell all of our viewers in the united states accurately quoting you that you did personally sing the star spangled banner at george washington university once, is that right? >> i did. i sang for george w. bush once. and i'm regretting that i ever told you that factoid. you're going to hold it against me. >> we're looking for the videotape. especially if you had to read some of those words. >> there's no cheating. >> you knew it all by heart. >> i did. >> we're going to get that videotape. thanks
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)